MSc Studentship Project Scheme

To encourage MSc in EIE students with good performance and potential to pursue dissertation and research work, the MSc Studentship Project Scheme has been set up starting 2013/14 to provide studentship for MSc in EIE Students taking Dissertation.

Students being awarded the studentship will carry out simultaneously the MSc dissertation and research project work under the same supervisor in the capacity of a part-time Research Assistant with a monthly support of $6,000 for a period of 12 months from the Department. It is expected that the research project work assigned to the students will be in an area closely related to their MSc dissertations. Please click here for more details about the Scheme.

Prof. Changyuan YU, Chairman of MSc in EIE Award Committee
Tel: 2766 6258      Email:

Ms Carol YUEN, Executive Officer
Tel: 2766 4184      Email: