BSc(Hons) in Internet and Multimedia Technologies
(Full-Time/Sandwich/Cooperative Eudcation Scheme) [2014/2015]
Subject Syllabi

AMA1110 Basic Mathematics I – Calculus and Probability & Statistics
AMA1120 Basic Mathematics II – Calculus and Linear Algebra
CBS1101P Fundamentals of Chinese Communication
CBS1102P Advanced Communication Skills in Chinese
CBS1151 Chinese I
CBS1152 Chinese II
CBS1153 Elementary Cantonese
CBS1153P Elementary Cantonese
EIE1002 Electronics Science
ELC1011 Practical English for University Studies
ELC1013 English for University Studies
ELC1014 Advanced English for University Studies
ENG1003 Freshman Seminar for Engineering
CBS2101P Putonghua in the Workplace
CBS2102P Creative Writing in Chinese
CBS2103P Chinese and the Multimedia
CBS2151 Chinese III
CBS2152 Chinese Literature - Linguistics and Cultural Perspectives
EIE2105 Digital and Computer Systems
EIE2106 Signal and System Analysis
ELC2011 Advanced English Reading and Writing Skills
ELC2012 Persuasive Communication
ELC2013 English in Literature and Film
ENG2002 Computer Programming
ENG2003 Information Technology
IC2140 Practical Training
SD2983 Design Communication and Principles
SD2984 3D Graphics and Animation Fundamentals
AF3625 Engineering Economics
CBS3241P Professional Communication in Chinese
EIE3101 Computer Animation
EIE3103 Digital Signals and Systems
EIE3107 Introduction to Multimedia Signal Processing I
EIE3108 Introduction to Multimedia Signal Processing II
EIE3109 Mobile Systems and Application Development
EIE3110 Research Methodology
EIE3112 Databas System
EIE3320 Object-Oriented Design and Programming
EIE3342 Computer Networks
EIE3343 Computer Systems Principles
EIE3345 Data Communication Technologies
EIE3360 Integrated Project
ELC3521 Professional Communication in English
ENG3003 Engineering Management
SD3985 Computer Game Development
COMP4342 Mobile Computing
COMP4422 Computer Graphics
EIE4100 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
EIE4102 IP Networks
EIE4103 Mobile Computer System Architecture
EIE4104 Mobile Networking
EIE4105 Multimodal Human Computer Interaction Technology
EIE4106 Network Management and Security
EIE4108 Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
EIE4414 Computer Architecture and Systems
EIE4428 Multimedia Communications
EIE4430 Honours Project
EIE4431 Digital Video Production and Broadcasting
EIE4432 Web Systems and Technologies
EIE4435 Image and Audio Processing
SD4981 Computer Game Development Project
Note: The subject syllabi contained in this website are subject to review and changes from time to time. The Department of Electronic and Information Engineering reserves the right to revise or withdraw the offer of any subject contained in this website.


Last updated September 2014