Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Security


資訊安全 (榮譽) 理學士學位課程

(Programme Code: 42480)

Programme Leader: Dr Bonnie Law [Email:]

  • 2017/2018 Subject Syllabi


    Fundamentals of Chinese Communication

    Practical English for University Studies

    English for University Studies

    Advanced English for University Studies



    Numbers, Combinatorics, and Statistics

    Professional Communication in Chinese

    Software Design Principles

    Computer Systems Security

    Database Security

    Legal Aspects, Professionalism and Ethics of Computing

    Integrated Project

    Network Technologies and Security

    Data and Computer Communications

    Computer Systems Principles

    Professional Communication in English



    Information Systems Audit and Control

    Biometrics and Security

    Dependable Computing

    Service and Cloud Computing

    Intellectual Property Protection and Management

    COMP Capstone Project

    Wireless and Mobile Systems

    Digital Forensics for Crime Investigation

    Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    Surveillance Studies and Technologies

    EIE Capstone Project


    This Programme Booklet is subject to review and changes which the Department can decide to make from time to time.  Students will be informed of the changes as and when appropriate.