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                                                            1983      Soochow University, Taiwan: BS

                                                            1990      University of Cincinnati: PhD

                                                     Professional Experience:

                                                     1990-1991        Micro Lithography Inc., Sunnyvale, California, USA:
                                                                      Member of Research Staff
                                                     1991-1994        Ontario Laser & Lightwave Research Center,
                                                                      Canada: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

                                                     1994-1999        Department of Physics, National Chung Cheng
                                                                      University: Associate Professor
                                                     1999-2019        Department of Physics, National Taiwan University:
                                                                      Associate Professor / Professor / Distinguished
                                                     2008-2012        Instrument Technology Research Center, National
                                                                      Applied Research Laboratories: Director General
                                                     2012-2019        Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia
                                                                      Sinica: Distinguished Research Fellow and Director

                                                     Major Honours:

                                                            2005      SPIE (International Society of Optical Engineering)
                                                                      Fellow, 2005; Assessment Panel Member 2010-2012
                                                            2006      OSA (Optical Society of America) Fellow, 2006; Award
                                                                      Assessment Panel Member 2008 & 2009

                                                                      PSROC (The Physical Society of Republic of China)
                                                            2007      APS (American Physical Society) Fellow

                                                                      EMA (The Electromagnetics Academy) Fellow
                                                            2012      IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic
                                                                      Engineering) Fellow
                                                     2013-2016        TPS (Photonics Society of Republic of China)
                                                                      Executive Committee Chairman

                                                           2013       APAM (Asia Pacific Academy of Materials) Fellow
                                                            2014      3M NANO (International Society for Nano
                                                                      Manipulation, Manufacturing and Measurement)
                                                            2015      TISA (Taiwan Information Storage Association)
                                                                      Executive Committee Chairman
                                                            2017      Tsing Hua Chair Professor

                                                            2018      IAE (International Academy of Engineering) Member
                                                                      JSAP (The Japan Society of Applied Physics) Fellow
                                                                      AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of
                                                                      Science) Fellow

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