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                                                          Welcome to our EIE Network. This is the sixth edition of our
                                                          annual magazines aimed to give you a glimpse of the latest
                                                          developments and achievements of the Department.
                                                          Time has flown by and the Department reached its 45th
                                                          anniversary this year. In celebrating the momentous
                                                          milestone, the Department held its Anniversary Open Day
                                                          on 15 May 2019, offering a schedule of activities ranging
                                                          from research project and student project demonstrations,
                                                          integrated  project  challenges,  to  a  photo  exhibition
                                                          showcasing students’ life at EIE. The Anniversary Open Day
                                                          was well received, with over 40 honourable guests
                                                          including industry gurus and members of the Departmental
                                                          Advisory Committee attending the event. They all
                                                          witnessed the numerous opportunities the Department
                                                          has provided for students and staff to flourish. With our
                                                          award-winning teaching staff, world-class research
                                                          laboratories, and strong emphasis on practical and
                                                          theoretical approach to teaching and learning, the
                                                          Department has been home to many electronic and
                                                          information engineering professionals over the years and
                                                          many of whom are duly recognized in the industry or
                                                          academia, something that we all should be proud of.
                      As an advocate for innovative technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and
                      Mathematics) education, in 2018/19, the Department organized experiential summer programmes and
                      robotic competitions for prospective students. Furthermore, our teaching staff members published two
                      new books on signal processing and multi-antenna wireless networks respectively, and secured a number
                      of research funds and paper awards. Our students and alumni also harvested several technology-related
                      scholarships and competition awards.
                      Some of you may know that I have only been in PolyU for a month, joining the EIE family on 1 August this
                      year. Being educated and having developed my career in North America and Taiwan over the three
                      decades, this is my first time working in Hong Kong for long so this is an exotic experience for me and I
                      cannot wait to explore this vibrant city further. Before meeting you all in the campus, I would also like to
                      share with you a brief biography of myself, which is available in the cover story of this issue’s EIE Network.
                      I am glad to talk to you all in person; especially, I am planning to learn to speak Cantonese!
                      Finally, I would like to thank Dr Daniel Lun for his work as Interim Head of the Department prior to my
                      assumption to office. Not only is Dr Lun a well-experienced professor and researcher, he is also devoted
                      to students’ wellbeing. His continuous assistance to the Department will definitely help contribute to the
                      furtherance of our development.
                      As we approach the start of a new academic year, the Department is in full swing putting together all the
                      final touches to different projects and programmes. I am confident that this will be another fruitful year for
                      every one of us in this EIE family.

                      We hope you find the EIE Network interesting and informative. And as always, we welcome any
                      comments or suggestions to help us improve the content.

                      Professor Din-Ping Tsai
                      Head of Department

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