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                                                                   Winning in Silicon Valley
                                                                   International Invention
                                                                   Festival (SVIIF) 2019

                                                               An EIE research team comprising of Dr K. H. Loo,
                                                               Prof. Michael Tse and industrial partners from Pong Yuen
                                                               Holdings Limited, won  the IFIA Best  Invention Award of
                                                               International Federation of Inventor’s Association and a
                                                               Gold Medal with Jury's Congratulations and the Grand Prize
                                                               IFIA Best Innovation Medal in the Silicon Valley
                                                               International Invention Festival (SVIIF) 2019, in USA.
                                                               Organized by Geneva’s Exhibition and Congress Center
                                                               (PALEXPO) and hosted by International Federation of
                                                               Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), the competition aims at
                                                               creating an environment for inventors from over 30
                                                               countries to showcase their inventions, innovative projects
                                                               and technologies in various field of science and technology.
                                                               The winning project,  “Smart Indoor  Cultivation Platform”
                                                               accelerates plant growth by developing optimal growth
                                                               profiles for sustainable food supply. This innovative system
                                                               can reduce water consumption by 95% and can be set up in
                                                               urban buildings. This can encourage city dwellers to plant
                                                               indoors in order to maintain stable food supply.

                   Publication of New Books

              We are pleased to share that Prof. W.C. Siu and Dr Jun Zhang
              have published two new books on signal processing and
              multi-antenna wireless networks respectively. The book
              “Learning Approaches in Signal Processing” edited by Prof.
              Siu presents an up-to-date tutorial and overview on learning
              technologies, such as random forests, sparsity, and low-rank
              matrix estimation and cutting-edge visual/signal processing
              techniques. Three book chapters inside this book about face
              recognition, non-contact three-dimensional  measurement
              and DNA sequences were also written by Prof. Kenneth Lam,
              Dr  Daniel  Lun  and  Dr  Bonnie  Law respectively.  In  another
              book “Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Multi-Antenna
              Wireless Networks”, Dr Zhang presents a unified framework
              for the tractable analysis of large-scale, multi-antenna
              wireless networks using stochastic geometry. It discusses
              effective design approaches that do not require complex
              system-level simulations and includes various application
              examples with different multi-antenna network models to
              illustrate the framework’s effectiveness.

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