EIE Alumni Scholarship for Studying MSc/PgD Programme at the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

To encourage EIE graduates to engage in life-long learning, the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering (EIE) has newly established the "EIE Alumni Scholarship" for our graduates to study in the MSc/PgD Programme at the EIE Department.  The scholarship will be applicable to graduates enrolling in our MSc/PgD Programme from 2007/08. The minimum cumulative GPA or the latest Semester GPA (whichever is higher) of the scholarship awardees should be 3.0 or above. Eligible students who obtain a grade C+ or above in an MSc subject offered by the EIE will be awarded a scholarship of an amount equivalent to 15% of the tuition fee paid for that subject.

This scholarship provides quite substantial financial support to eligible graduates to pursue further education in the field of electronic and information engineering.  Professional and specialized training received from the MSc/PgD Programme will sharpen your competitiveness and will be highly beneficial to your career development.  If you are interested in enrolling in the MSc/PgD Programme in 2020/21, please click here for more information.  To apply for the "EIE Alumni Scholarship", please fill out the application form (click here to download the form) and return it to the following address:

EIE General Office, Room DE614
Department of Electronic and Information Engineering
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Attn.: Ms Carol YUEN

You may submit the form at the collection box outside the EIE General Office at Room DE614 during non-office hours.

Prof. Chao LU, Chairman of MSc/PgD Scheme Committee
Tel: 2766 6281      Email: enluchao@polyu.edu.hk

Ms Carol YUEN, Executive Officer
Tel: 2766 4184      Email: encarol@polyu.edu.hk