3-D Sound Based on Head-Related Transfer Functions

Student: Ngan Cheuk Yin

Supervisor: Dr. M.W. Mak

The following table includes  three examples of 3-D sound produced by means of head-related transfer functions (HRTFs). All of the processed sound is produced as if they were presented to listeners in eight different paths. The trajectories of sound are shown in the "path of sound" column and the animations will start when the mouse passes through the pictures.


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path of sound 
original sound 
path 1 
path 2 
path 3
path 4
path 5
path 6
path 7
path 8

The above sounds are implemented by some Matlab codes. These codes are categorized into GUI parts and HRTF parts. Using the GUI, people will be able to hear the simulated sound coming from different directions just by clicking the mouse at any location. In the HRTF parts, some measurements from MIT Laboratory have been used. The GUI of this project uses Matlab version 6.

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