Speech Enhancement Consumer Electronics Products

Man-wai Mak (April. 2003)

In many speech related applications, the microphones cannot be located close to the speakers. For example, the microphones are typically put in the center of a conference room in video conferencing or hand-free telephony systems. Another example is the control of home appliances using speech recognition technologies, where the microphones are typically embedded in the appliances. In these applications, low-cost, free-field microphones have to be used. However, free-field microphones have a serious drawback: they record not only the speakerís voice, but also the background noise. This project is to reduce the background noise recorded by these microphones. The noise reduction algorithm developed in this project can be readily applied to commercial products, such as digital voice recorders, video conferencing systems, and hand-free telephony systems. 

Demonstration 1:     Noisy Speech          Denoised Speech
Demonstration 2:     Noisy Speech          Denoised Speech
Demonstration 3:     Noisy Speech          Denoised Speech
Demonstration 4:     Noisy Speech          Denoised Speech