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Assistant Professor
Department of Electronic and Information Engineering (EIE)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Office: Room DE607, EIE
Email: jun-eie.zhang@polyu.edu.hk
Phone: +852 2766-6216
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Research Interests

  • Edge Intelligence and Computing (federated learning, communication-efficient edge learning)

  • Machine Learning, AI (learning to optimize, graph neural networks)

  • Wireless Communications and Networking (5G and beyond, IoT)

Introductory Reading

  • Edge AI

    • Survey paper on mobile edge computing (MEC): “A survey on mobile edge computing: The communication perspective,” IEEE Commun. Surveys Tuts., 2017. [Paper]

    • Wireless communications for edge AI: “Towards an intelligent edge: Wireless communication meets machine learning”, IEEE Commun. Mag., 2020. [Paper]

    • Edge AI for Internet of Vehicles: “Mobile edge intelligence and computing for the Internet of vehicles,” Proc. IEEE, 2020. [Paper]

  • 5G and Beyond Networks

    • Three Tutorials on 5G

      • “Hybrid Beamforming for 5G Millimeter Wave Systems,” IEEE GLOBECOM 2018 Tutorial. [Slides] [Paper]

      • “Tractable Analysis of Large-scale Multi-antenna Wireless Networks via Stochastic Geometry,” WiOpt 2018 Tutorial. [Slides] [Book]

      • “Sparse and Low-Rank Optimization for Dense Wireless Networks: Models, Algorithms and Theory,” IEEE GLOBECOM 2017 Tutorial. [Part I Slides] [Part II Slides] [Paper]

    • Visionary paper on 6G, “The Roadmap to 6G – AI Empowered Wireless Networks,” IEEE Commun. Mag., 2019. [Paper]

Selected Publications

  • Edge AI

    • J. Shao, J. Zhang, “BottleNet++: An end-to-end approach for feature compression in device-edge co-inference systems,” submitted. [Paper]

    • L. Liu, J. Zhang, S.H. Song, and K. B. Letaief, “Client-edge-cloud hierarchical federated learning,” accepted by IEEE Int. Conf. Commun. (ICC), Dublin, Ireland, Jun. 2020. [Paper]

    • D. Liu, G. Zhu, J. Zhang, and K. Huang, “Wireless data acquisition for edge learning: Data-importance aware retransmission,” submitted. [Paper]

    • D. Liu, G. Zhu, J. Zhang, and K. Huang, “Data-importance aware User scheduling for communication-efficient edge machine learning,” submitted. [Paper]

  • Machine Learning, AI

    • J. Dong, J. Zhang, Y. Shi, and J. Wang, “Faster activity and data detection in massive random access: A multi-armed bandit approach,” submitted. [Paper]

    • Y. Shen, Y. Shi, J. Zhang, and K. B. Letaief, “LORM: Learning to optimize for resource management in wireless networks with few training samples,” IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 665–679, Jan. 2020. [Paper]

    • Y. Shen, Y. Shi, J. Zhang, and K. B. Letaief, “A graph neural network approach for scalable wireless power control,” in Proc. IEEE GLOBECOM 2019 Workshop on Machine Learning for Wireless Communications, Waikoloa, HI, USA, Dec. 2019. [Paper] [GitHub]

  • Wireless Communications

    • X. Yu, C. Li, J. Zhang, M. Haenggi, and K. B. Letaief, “A unified framework for the tractable analysis of multi-antenna wireless networks,” IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 17, no. 12, pp. 7965-7980, Dec. 2018. [Paper]

    • Y. Mao, J. Zhang, and K. B. Letaief, “Dynamic computation offloading for mobile-edge computing with energy harvesting devices,” IEEE J. Select. Areas Commun. - Series on Green Commun. and Networking, vol. 34, no. 12, pp. 3590-3605, Dec. 2016. [Paper] (The 2019 IEEE Communications Society & Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award)

    • X. Yu, J.-C. Shen, J. Zhang, and K. B. Letaief, “Alternating minimization algorithms for hybrid precoding in millimeter wave MIMO systems,” IEEE J. Sel. Topics Signal Process., Special Issue on Signal Process. for Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications, vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 485-500, Apr. 2016. [Paper] [Codes] (The 2018 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award)

    • Y. Shi, J. Zhang, B. O’Donoghue, and K. B. Letaief, “Large-scale convex optimization for dense wireless cooperative networks,” IEEE Trans. Signal Process., vol. 63, no. 18, pp. 4729-4743, Sept. 2015. [Paper][Codes] (The 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award)

    • Y. Shi, J. Zhang, and K. B. Letaief, “Group sparse beamforming for green Cloud-RAN,” IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 13, no. 5, pp. 2809-2823, May 2014. [Paper] [Codes] (The 2016 Marconi Prize Paper Award)

    • C. Li, J. Zhang, and K. B. Letaief, “Throughput and energy efficiency analysis of small cell networks with multi-antenna base stations,” IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 13, no. 5, pp. 2502-2517, May 2014. [Paper]