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Assistant Professor
Department of Electronic and Information Engineering (EIE)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Office: Room DE607, EIE
Email: jun-eie.zhang@polyu.edu.hk
Phone: +852 2766-6216

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  • I am actively looking for highly motivated, self-driven PhD students. Feel free to contact me if interested.

Research Areas

  • Wireless communications and networking

    • 5G and Beyond

    • Internet of Things

  • Edge AI, mobile AI

    • Mobile edge computing, edge learning

    • Federated learning

  • Big Data and AI

    • Distributed machine learning

    • Cloud computing

Research News

  • July 2019, the visionary paper on 6G, “The Roadmap to 6G – AI Empowered Wireless Networks” has been accepted to IEEE Communications Magazine. [Paper]

    • It was a joint effort with Prof. Khaled B. Letaief (HKUST), Prof. Wei Chen (Tsinghua), Prof. Yuanming Shi (ShanghaiTech), and Prof. Angela Zhang (CUHK). Any feedback or comment will be highly appreciated.

  • July 2019, paper “A graph neural network approach for scalable wireless power control” submitted. [Paper]

    • For reproducibility, the code is available on [GitHut].

  • June 2019, paper “Mobile Edge Intelligence and Computing for the Internet of Vehicles” submitted to Proceedings of the IEEE. [Paper]

  • April 2019, tutorial “Hybrid Beamforming for 5G Millimeter Wave Systems” was picked for on-demand training of IEEE Communications Society. [Register For Free]

  • Mar. 2019, our book “Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Multi-Antenna Wireless Networks” has been published by Springer. [Book Website]

  • Mar. 2019, paper “LACS: Load-aware cache sharing with isolation guarantee” was accepted by IEEE Int. Conf. Distrib. Comput. Syst. (ICDCS), Dallas, TX, Jul. 2019. (Acceptance Rate: 19.6%)

  • Dec. 2018, I gave a tutorial “Hybrid Beamforming for 5G Millimeter Wave Systems” at IEEE GLOBECOM, Abu Dhabi, Dec. 2018. [Slides]

  • Sept. 2018, paper “A unified framework for the tractable analysis of multi-antenna wireless networks” was accepted. [Paper]

  • July 2018, I gave a talk on “Dense Cooperative Wireless Networks for 5G” at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. [Slides]

  • July 2018, proposal “Mobility-aware cooperative caching for wireless content delivery” was funded by RGC.

  • June 2018, paper “SP-Cache: Load-balanced, Redundancy-free Cluster Caching with Selective Partition” was accepted to IEEE/ACM International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC18). [Paper] [GitHub]

  • Mar. 2018, the paper “OpuS: Fair and efficient cache sharing for in-memory data analytics” was accepted by IEEE ICDCS 2018 (Acceptance Rate: 20%). [Paper]

  • Dec. 2017, received IEEE GLOBECOM 2017 Best Paper Award for the Wireless Communications Symposium, for paper “Hybrid precoding in millimeter wave systems: How many phase shifters are needed?” co-authored with X. Yu and K. B. Letaief. [Paper] [Code]

  • Aug. 2017, survey paper “A Survey on Mobile Edge Computing: The Communication Perspective” accepted by IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. [Paper]

  • Aug. 2017, I gave a talk on “Resource Management for Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. [Slides]

  • Nov. 2016, the paper on cache management for data analytics clusters was accepted by IEEE INFOCOM 2017 (Acceptance Rate: 20.93%). [Paper]

  • May 2016, paper “Content caching at the wireless network edge: A distributed algorithm via brief propagation” received the IEEE ICC 2016 Best Paper Award, co-authored with J. Liu, B. Bai, and K. B. Letaief. [Paper]

  • Sept. 2014, paper “Joint data assignment and beamforming for backhaul limited caching networks” received IEEE PIMRC 2014 Best Paper Award, co-authored with X. Peng, J.-C. Shen, and K. B. Letaief.

  • Mar. 2014, paper “Mode switching for the multi-antenna broadcast channel based on delay and channel quantization” received The 2014 Best Paper Award for the EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing (the best paper in prior 5 years in this journal), with Robert W. Heath, Jr., Marios Kountouris, and Jeffrey G. Andrews.

Group News

  • July 2019, Mr Yao Zhang from Xidian University joined our group as a research assistant.

  • May 2019, Dr. Haitao Zhao, from Nanjing University of Posts and Telcommunication, started as a visiting scholar with our group at PolyU.

  • May 2019, Miss Jialin Dong from ShanghaiTech University joined our group as a research assistant.

  • Nov. 2018, Alex received the HKTIIT Post-Graduate Excellence Scholarship, and Humboldt Research Fellowship. Big congratulations!

  • Aug. 2018, Xianghao (Alex) passed his PhD defense, and will join Prof. Robert Schober‘s group at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) as a postdoc.

  • Nov. 2017, Pancy passed her PhD defense, and joined Huawei Future Network Theory Lab in Hong Kong.

  • Aug. 2017, Yuyi and Rui passed their PhD defenses. Congratulations!

    • Yuyi will join ASTRI in Hong Kong, and Rui will join Microsoft in Beijing.

  • May 2017, Yinghao's talk in INFOCOM received the Best-In-Session Presentation Award. [Slides]

  • Mar. 2016, Chang passed his PhD defense, and joined National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a Research Associate.

  • Aug. 2015, Yaming and Yuanming passed their PhD defenses. Congratulations!

    • Yaming joined ASTRI in Hong Kong, and Yuanming joined ShanghaiTech as an Assistant Professor.

  • July 2015, I was elevated to IEEE Senior Member.