List of Research Projects of Dr. Z. Chi

1.      Research on Personalized Image Recommendation Using Eye Tracking (基于眼动追踪的个性化图像推荐研究)

2.      New Promise of Eye Tracking: From Personalized Image Recommendation to Biometric Person Authentication

3.      New Promise of Eye Tracking: From Image Classification to Biometric Person Authentication

4.      Personalized Image Recommendation with Eye Tracking Data

5.      Attention-Driven Image Interpretation, Annotation and Retrieval

6.      Combined PET/CT Imaging

7.      Functional Imaging Techniques for Early Detection of Liver Cancer

8.      Neuro-Fuzzy Node Model for Adaptive Processing of Data Structures with Application to Computer-Aided Identification of Living Plants

9.      Low Cost Eye Tracking System and Eye Movement Data Modeling for Content Based Image Retrieval

10.  Image Segmentation and Object Extraction Based on Image Complexity and Eye Tracking Data

11.  Image Annotation Using an Improved Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) Model

12.  Evolving Artificial Neural Networks to Measure Chinese Sentence Similarity for Example-Based Chinese-to-English Machine Translation

13.  Novel Techniques for Tree Species Recognition Based on Leaf Architecture and Bark Texture

14.  Robust Representations and Learning Algorithms for Scene Classification

15.  Texture Analysis and Classification with Application to Plant Species Recognition (Joint-Supervision of PhD with Zhejiang University)

16.  Identification of Chinese Medicinal Plants from Color Images

17.  Adaptive Document Image Processing

18.  A Segmentation-recognition Approach for Handwritten Word/numeral String Recognition with Applications to Automatic Form Reading, System

19.  A User-Adaptive System for Cursive English Word Recognition

20.  Mixed-Type Document Image Compressing using a Segmentation/Matching-Based Technique with Incorporated Properties of the Human Visual System

21.  Compton Scatter Image Reconstruction (Joint PhD Supervision with Zhejiang University)

22.  A Novel Technique for Arrhythmia Diagnosis

23.  An Efficient Image Indexing and Retrieval Technique

24.  A Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor using Photo-plethysmograph and Calibration Set Points of Pressure

25.  Development of a Knowledge-supported Artificial Visual System for Document Image Analysis


PhD Projects:


1.      Study on the Scale-invariance and Capacity optimization of Convolutional Neural Networks

2.      Facial Affect Recognition with Feature Fusion and Deep Learning

3.      Eye Tracking Data Analysis and Attention-Driven Image Retrieval

4.      Hierarchical Architectures and Learning Algorithms for Multi-Label Image Classification and Scene Categorization

5.      Semantic-driven Image Analysis and Retrieval

6.      Pattern Representation and Matching Techniques for Example-Based Chinese-to-English Machine Translation

7.      Content-based Image Indexing and Retrieval with Fuzzy Attributed Graphs

8.      Multi-agent Modelling of Financial Markets

9.      Distributed Computing and Data Mining


MPhil Projects:


1.      Deep Hierarchical Architectures for Saliency Prediction and Salient Object Detection

2.      Separation and Recognition of Connected Handwritten Characters using Combined Fuzzy Rules and Neural Networks

3.      Automated Form Reading





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