Postgraduate Students

  1. 1.Yunxiang JIANG, Resource Allocation and Performance Optimization in Full-Duplex MIMO/OFDMA Systems, 2016.

  2. 2.Yue MIN, Study of Doubly-generalized LDPC Codes, 2013.

  3. 3.Yue ZHAO, Implementation of Decoders for LDPC Block Codes and LDPC Convolutional Codes Based on the Parallel Architecture of the GPUs, 2012.

  4. 4.Chi-ho CHAN, Decoding of LDPC Convolutional Codes, 2011.

  5. 5.Weijie ZHOU, LDPC Code Design for Cooperative Communications, 2011.

  6. 6.Miaolei LI, Construction of QC-LDPC Codes with Large Girth, 2011.

  7. 7.Qingfeng ZHOU, Relaying Methods for Cooperative Communication Networks, 2010.

  8. 8.Xuhua SHEN, On the Analysis of Q-ary Low-density Parity-check Codes Decoder, 2010.

  9. 9.Sai-man WONG, On the Coexistence of Ultra Wideband Systems with Selected Wireless Systems, 2010.

  10. 10.Chi Tsun CHENG, System Design for Wireless Sensor Networks, 2009. (Co-supervision)

  11. 11.Xia ZHENG, Study of Short-Length Low-Density-Parity-Check Codes, 2009.

  12. 12.Rongtao XU, Study of Multiple-input-multiple-output Systems over Fading Channels, 2007.

  13. 13.Michael H.F. LEUNG, Innovative Techniques for the Testing of Multimode Mobiles, 2005.

  14. 14.Wai-man TAM, Study of Chaos-based Communication Systems in a Multiple Access Environment, 2003.

  15. 15.Kai-yuen CHEONG, Enhancements in chaos-based digital communication systems, 2003.

  16. 16.Ming YIP, Study of Chaos-based Digital Communication, 2001.

  17. 17.Wing-hong CHU, Performance Analysis of Coded OFDM-CDMA System in Rayleigh Fading Channel with AWGN, 2000.

  18. 18.Shui-shung HUI, Traffic Regulating Algorithms in a Dualband Cellular Mobile System, 2000.

  19. 19.Chun CHENG, Study of Radio Resources Allocation for GPRS, 2000.

  20. 20.Chu-kin FUNG, Indoor Design Template for Antenna Planning in Indoor Application, 2000.

  21. 21.Chi-ho LEE, Application of Dynamic Channel Allocation Strategies to GSM Hierarchical Cellular Network, 1999.

  22. 22.Ying-kam Victor LEE, A Novel Algorithm for Unnecessary Handover Prevention, 1999.

  23. 23. Wai-man TAM, Effects of Power Control and its Imperfections in CDMA Cellular Mobile Systems, 1998.

  24. 24.Hok-lam Eric LEE, Prediction Method for the Indoor Radio Propagation, 1998.

  25. 25.Kin-ngai CHAN, Performance Comparison between GSM and PCN System Design in Underground Subway, 1998.

  26. 26.Pak-ki Rodney NG,  Network Simulation for a Railway Control Data Network using COMNET III, 1997.

  27. 27.Wing-chuen WAT, Asynchronous Transfer Mode over Satellite, 1997.

  28. 28.Kam-wai Philip HO, Developments in Mobile Satellite Communications Systems, 1997.

  29. 29.Kwok-on NG, Asynchronous Transfer Mode on Wireless Communication, 1997.

  30. 30.Siu-lun Sheldon YAU, Advanced Handover Mechanisms and their Applications in DCS1800 Micro-cellular System, 1996.


Ninth Congregation of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Nov. 2003

Prof. Chi K. Tse (left), PhD graduate Dr Wai-man Tam (middle) and me (right)

I have had the privilege to supervise the following postgraduate students.