This Summer School will be organized back to back with, and some of it overlapping, the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME2017). In this summer school, emerging techniques and recent advances in multimedia signal processing, and their applications, will be addressed. The Summer School will begin on July 8, 2017. On the third and fourth days, the Summer School will merge with the ICME conference.

The theme of the ICME2017 conference will be "The New Media Experience", enabling next generation 3D/AR/VR experiences and applications. Therefore, Summer School participants can gain knowledge about recent advances in the topic, through attending the keynote speech and various technical sessions organized for the first two days of the ICME conference.


The Summer School program will cover four full days, from July 8 (Saturday) to July 11 (Tuesday) 2017. In the first three days, renowned scholars are invited to offer lectures. There will be two lectures every day, and each lecture will be about 2.5 hours long. On the fourth day, Summer School participants can attend the ICME main conference.

Following is the list of speakers and their lecture topics for the Summer School:

Lecture 1: On Super-resolution Imaging using Deep Learning via Random Forests
Speaker: Prof. Wan-Chi Siu, Life-FIEEE, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Lecture 2: Graph Signal Processing
Speaker: Prof. Antonio Ortega, FIEEE, University of Southern California

Lecture 3: Image restoration: from sparse prior, low-rank prior to deep priors
Speaker: Prof. Lei Zhang, SrMIEEE, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Lecture 4: Towards Human-Centric Video Understanding
Speaker: Prof. Wenjun (Kevin) Zeng, FIEEE, Microsoft Research Asia

Lecture 5: Deep Learning for Big Visual Data Analytics
Speaker: Prof. C.C. Jay Kuo, FIEEE, University of Southern California

The Summer School will be held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Building Y, Lecture Theatre Y301 on July 8 and 9. The events on July 10 and 11 will be held at the ICME conference hotel, Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel.

July 8, Saturday
July 9, Sunday
July 10, Monday
July 11, Tuesday
9:00am - 12:00 noon
Opening / Lecture 1
Lecture 3
Lecture 5
ICME Main Conference
12:00 noon - 1:30pm
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Student Poster 1
Student Poster 2
ICME Workshop
ICME Main Conference
2:45pm - 5:45pm
Lecture 2
Lecture 4

Student Poster Sessions:

Each student participant should prepare a poster for a poster session, where they are required to introduce their current research to other student participants.

Each student participant should explore the research of another four to five participants. Then, each one should write two reports, each report describing the research being conducted by another student participant, and giving suggestions on their research. Then, these reports should be sent to the two students concerned.

Students who receive reports on their research should give a mark to each of the reports.

There will be two awards: (1) the most popular research, and (2) the best report. The prize for each award is US$100.


Applications for the Summer School will be open from April 19, 2017. Application results will be announced on May 15, 2017. Participants who have also registered for ICME2017 will be given a higher priority to join the Summer School.

Please download this form (MS Word / PDF), complete it and then send it back to this email:

Registration Fees

Attendee Membership Status Fee (US$)
Student (also registered the ICME conference)
SPS member
Non SPS member
Student (not registered ICME)
SPS member
Non SPS member
Non student (also registered the ICME conference)
SPS member
Non SPS member
One day100
Non student (not registered ICME)
SPS member
Non SPS member
One day150

The registration fee will cover a Summer School booklet and coffee breaks.

SPS membership is preferred. Find out more information on how to join SPS.

Accommodations for Student Participants

  • About 100 rooms at PolyU's Student Halls of Residence (Homantin) have been reserved for the Summer School and ICME2017
  • Student participants attending both events (ICME and Summer School) will be given the highest priority to stay in the Student Halls
  • Then student participants for either event, and finally other conference participants
  • Room type: Double room single occupancy
  • Room rate: about HK$400/night

For the details of the Homantin Halls, please visit


The Summer School is technically supported by the IEEE Hong Kong Chapter of Signal Processing, and will be held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel. Following are the organizers of the School:

Summer School Organizer:
Prof. Kenneth K.M. Lam, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University / ICME2017 General Chair

Summer School Co-Organizers:
Prof. Yik-Chung Wu, The University of Hong Kong / Chairman of IEEE Hong Kong Chapter of Signal Processing
Prof. Vicky Zhao, Tsinghua University / ICME2017 Student Program Chair