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A Two-Day Short Course on Wireless Power Transfer was held in December 14-15, 2018. Over 80 participants from academia and industry joined the short course. A Putonghua version of the same short course was conducted in Beijing in 29-20 November 2018, and earlier in Taipei in June 2018. Research in Wireless Power Transfer has been one of the main focuses of the Group.

About Our Group

Research in the area of nonlinear circuits and systems began in this group in the early 1990s. The early focus was on power electronics systems, and the coverage has now been extended to networked dynamical systems. Our main emphases are practical applications. Presently, research topics being actively pursued by members in the Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Research Group include:

  • Complex network applications:
    • network models, traffic analysis, power networks, applications in business and finance
  • Nonlinear system analysis:
    • nonlinear signal processing, filtering, bifurcation analysis, memristor devices
  • Power electronics:
    • grid-connected power converters, LED power supplies, inductive power transfer
  • Sensor networks, codings:
    • power saving, task scheduling, LDPC codes

In the area of power electronics, the group's main focus has been fundamental research into the analysis and synthesis of switch mode power supplies, including LED drivers, control design, converter topologies, etc. In addition to applied power electronics research, the group has a strong interest in the identification of bifurcation behavior in power electronics and its practical applications. In the field of chaos-based communications, the group's main research interest has been in the analysis of chaos-based modulations and development of noncoherent communication systems. Finally, applications of complex networks have been actively studied for practical systems such as telephone networks, the Internet, finance data, social networks, etc.

Our latest contribution is the Universal Growth Equation which describes how user population of products and services, membership subscriptions, even your publications and citations, grow as time goes.  More in our project page.

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