BEng(Hons) in Electronic and Information Engineering
(Full-Time/Sandwich/Cooperative Education Scheme/Double Degree/Double Degree Sandwich) [2011/2012]
Subject Syllabi

ABCT102 Foundation Biology
ABCT103 Fundamental Chemistry
AF1603 Foundations of Economics
AMA103 Foundation Mathematics I for Science and Engineering
AMA104 Foundation Mathematics II for Science and Engineering
AMA105 Logic : Qualitative and Quantitative
AMA106 Foundation Mathematics
AP101 College Physics I
AP102 College Physics II
APSS184 Understanding the Hong Kong Community
APSS185 Discovering Psychology
COMP100 Introduction to Information Technology
COMP102 Enterprise Information Technology
COMP111 Information Technology Systems
ELC1003 Extended Writing Skills
ELC1004 English for University Studies I
ELC1005 English for University Studies II
ENG1001 Foundation Year Seminar I
ENG1002 Foundation Year Seminar II
ITC1001 Design and Applied Technology
AF2617 Economics for Engineers
AMA201 Mathematics I
AMA202 Mathematics II
CBS2050 Elementary Cantonese
CBS2080 Fundamentals of Chinese Communication
EIE211 Logic Design
ELC2501 University English I
ELC2502 University English II
ENG224 Information Technology
ENG232 Engineering Science
ENG236 Computer Programming
ENG237 Basic Electricity and Electronics I
ENG238 Basic Electricity and Electronics II
GEC225 Exploration of the Cosmos
GEC270 History of Hong Kong
IC2111 Industrial Centre Training I for EIE
IC2131 Freshman Seminar for Engineering
IC2132 Engineering Drawing and Industrial Safety
MM2021 Management and Organisation
AMA305 Probability and Engineering Statistics
EIE304 Electronic Circuits
EIE305 Integrated Analogue and Digital Circuits
EIE306 IC Technology and Processes
EIE311 Computer System Fundamentals
EIE312 Linear Systems
EIE320 Object-Oriented Design and Programming
EIE322 Interface and Embedded Systems
EIE329 Integrated Project
EIE331 Communication Fundamentals
EIE333 Data and Computer Communications
EIE338 Applied Electromagnetics
ELC3508 English for Effective Workplace Communication
ENG306 Engineering Management
ENG307 Society and the Engineer
IC367 Industrial Centre Training II for EIE
EIE401 VLSI & Computer-Aided Circuit Design
EIE402 Power Electronics
EIE403 High Frequency Circuit Design
EIE408 Principles of Virtual Reality
EIE413 Digital Signal Processing
EIE414 Computer Architecture and Systems
EIE415 Multimedia Technology
EIE424 Distributed Systems and Network Programming
EIE433 Honours Project
EIE435 Image and Audio Processing
EIE443 Telecommunication Networks
EIE447 Mobile Communications
EIE448 Bioengineering Signals and Systems
EIE449 Optical Communication Systems and Networks
EIE450 Nanoscience and Technology for Electronic Engineering
EIE451 Circuits for Telecommunications
EIE509 Satellite Communications - Technology and Applications
EIE511 VLSI System Design
EIE522 Pattern Recognition: Theory & Applications
EIE528 Digital Data Transmission
EIE529 Digital Image Processing
EIE531 Mobile Radio Communication
EIE536 High Speed Networks
EIE541 Digital Signal Processing
EIE545 Consumer Electronics
EIE546 Video Technology
EIE552 Internet Technologies for Multimedia Applications
EIE553 Security in Data Communication
EIE555 Personal Networking Technology
EIE556 Advanced DSP for Multimedia Communications
EIE557 Computational Intelligence and its Applications
EIE558 Speech Processing and Recognition
EIE563 Digital Audio Processing
EIE565 Advanced Multimedia Technology
EIE576 Information Technology in Biomedicine
EIE577 Optoelectronic Devices
EIE578 CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits Design & Analysis
EIE579 Advanced Telecommunication Systems
Note: The subject syllabi contained in this website are subject to review and changes from time to time. The Department of Electronic and Information Engineering reserves the right to revise or withdraw the offer of any subject contained in this website.


Last updated February 2012