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EIE Robotic challenge Junior 2019:

AI robot

About the Challenge

schedule 日程

Application Deadline: 5 pm, 12 April 2019

Workshops: May and June 2019

Qualifying Competition: 5 July 2019 (Friday)

Final Competition: 9 July 2019 (Tuesday)






Objectives 目的

  • Through this competition, we would like to arouse students’ creativity and enhance their problem solving skills.
  • Through the whole process, we would like to arouse students’ interest in Electronic Engineering.
  • 透過構建機械人參加這次比賽,激發學生創意和解難能力,從過程中引起學生對電子工程的興趣。

Features 特點

Through the competition,

  • Students can create their Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots from scratch!
  • Students can learn the principle of some AI techniques!
  • Students can learn how to design some components of their AI robots by using 3D software!
  • Their robots can compete with other robots!
  • Our Department provides workshops for students to experience University life!
  • Our Department and the sponsors will provide financial support in building AI robots!
  • After the competition, students can keep their AI robots!
  • The winner and the first runner-up can represent Hong Kong to join the “Robotic Challenge Junior 2019: AI Robot (International)”!



  • 學生可以由零開始創造屬於自己的人工智能機械人!
  • 學生可以學習人工智能的原理!
  • 學生可以學習用3D軟件程式設計人工智能機械人組件!
  • 學生可以用自己創造的人工智能機械人與其它人工智能機械人進行比賽!
  • 學生可以在參加香港理工大學電子及資訊工程學系提供的工作坊時體驗大學的教學模式!
  • 學生可以獲香港理工大學電子及資訊工程學系和贊助機構補貼部分製造人工智能機械人的費用!
  • 學生可以在比賽完畢後保留自己的人工智能機械人!
  • 冠、亞軍可代表香港參加EIE 機械人中小學生挑戰賽 2019:人工智能 (國際賽)!

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EIE Robotic Challenge Junior 2019: AI Robot

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